Legacy Diving has four groups available for all skill levels. Learn To Dive, Intermediate, High School and National Team. No matter what skill level or ability there is a place for all interested divers in our club. Our coaches work on building basic skills in a standard manner to ensure the proper foundation for success in diving.

Learn To Dive Team
Our Learn to Dive program is geared for divers 13 and under and focuses on the basic fundamentals of diving and conditioning. There is no diving experience necessary in order to join. Divers in this program will learn each dive group and training to be competitive. Our goal is to teach basic diving skills in a fun and exciting environment with the safety of the participant being the primary concern. Instruction includes training on 1m and 3m springboards, as well as trampoline, dry-board and belts. When ready, divers will learn front and back line-ups on 1m and 3m and required dives in all directions.

Intermediate Team
This team is designated for those divers who were successful in our Learn to Dive program and demonstrated/passed the basic skills on all stations in order to progress on to a more consistent and intensive program. Our Intermediate Team will train divers 13 and older who wish to improve on their dives for Junior High and High School. Divers focus primarily on 1 meter, performance and the necessary skills required for Junior & Senior high school diving competitions.

High School Team
All divers will focus on their High School diving list. They will learn the proper basics and mechanics of diving through the use of dry-land training: trampoline, dry-boards, mat drills, spotting rigs and water training. The use of spotting rigs and dry-board are coaching tools that will create a safe learning environment and re-enforce the proper mechanics of diving.

National Team
Our National Team divers are the most advanced group in Legacy Diving. Membership is by coach’s invite only and divers are expected to practice and compete a JO 1m & 3m list at local MDA competitions, as well as USA regional, zone, and national competitions.

National Team is by invite only. Moreover, they are leaders of the team and act at all times with the decorum becoming of a member of Legacy National Team and compel others to do the same.

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