Congrats to the High School Girls!

We’re tremendously proud of our Legacy girls that competed in this year’s High School State Championships! The results:

Division 1
1st Amy Stevens 462.70 – D1 Diver of the Year
2nd Christina Lu 424.50
3rd Miranda Eberle 402.30
6th Cameron McPherson 389.75
7th Andrea Bugariu 365.80
8th Madeline Woods 361.85
10th Emily Tubbs 355.00
15th Alexandra Dunn 312.45

Division 3
1st Taylor Hosein – 425.60 – D3 Diver of the Year
13th Becky Novack – 324.15

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2 More East National Champions!

Legacy Diving added two more East National Champions this spring.  Amy Stevens captured the 3 meter title in the 14-15 girls event, while Jaina Gaudette won the 1 meter title in the same age-group.  With these two titles, Legacy Diving now has 11 East National/ Summer National Junior Champions!  Way to go Legacy!

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Registering with DiveMeets

If your diver hasn’t already obtained a DiveMeets ID #, you will first need to register your diver.  This ID number is different than your USA diving ID, as well as the Michigan Diving Association ID number.  At the front page of, click on “Get a Divemeets ID”.

The user registration information is for the diver, not the parent.  You’ll need to enter in the diver’s information, and select a password.  At the bottom, you’ll check only the USA diving association!                    After clicking “register” at the bottom, you’ll be able to register for an upcoming dive meet.

At the home page of, you’ll click on Login.  Enter in your dive meets ID number, and password.  The user ID number will not change, and will follow the diver throughout their many years of diving.

If you forget your Divemeets ID number, use the “find diver” search function on the home page. By entering in your diver’s last name, the website will locate your diver’s history information.  Click on the diver’s name in the search results.

The Divemeet ID number follows the diver forever, and comes with enough information to make a parent crazy.  Everything coded in blue provides even more details about your diver’s score, and results of the meet.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll start at what they call the “pool deck” to find the meet you are registering for.  BE CAREFUL, if you sign up for the wrong meet, you will not receive a refund.  For 2013 Regional, we are region 4 located in Bloomington, IN.

Below the meet information, you’ll select your diver from the list.  If you have more than one diver, you’ll need to register each one individually.

Drug testing, Waiver, and Consent to photo release can be signed off by the parent.  After checking the boxes, and placing the parent’s name, scroll down to find your event.

Each event your diver qualifies for should be noted with a check box next to the event.  Scroll down, and check each box your diver will compete in before clicking the bottom – “sign up for this meet”.


Check the box for each event your diver plans to compete in

Each age group has their own set of rules, and number of dives required in each event.  A copy of the rules    for each age group is posted on the Legacy news bulletin board.  By clicking on “event rule”, the    requirements for this event are listed.

The dive list for each event (1 meter, 3 meter, and platform) will need to be entered individually.  At any time, you can click on the enter key, and the dive description will appear.  Be CAREFUL to have your diver read the description carefully.  There are opportunities to change the dive @ the meet, but the time frame is limited.  Make sure your diver checks in at the meet, and asks to see the dive sheet recorded.  Most meets will require the diver and coach to “sign off” on the dive sheets. This is a GREAT opportunity to be sure the dive list, and order of each dive is recorded correctly!  Normally, the day prior to the event, the dive sheets are closed, and can’t be changed.

At the bottom of this screen, click on continue, then “submit”.

The official “Coach of Record” should be “Buck Smith”, but you should indicate which coach will attend the meet.  Ian Cherteiny and Alex Gauvin will be going to Spring Regionals this year.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll enter in your credit card information to pay for the meet, and then click on “submit”.  After the registration deadline, there is a hefty $100.00 late fee.

After you register, go back to the home page, and locate your diver.  Under the Divemeet history of your diver, be sure you can see the 2013 Spring Regional meet listed.

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Regionals Itinerary

 Spring Regionals 2013
Region 4

Indiana University
Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatics Center
Student Recreational Sports Complex
1601 E. Law Lane
Bloomington, IN

Hotel Information

Homewood Suites
1399 Liberty Dr
Bloomington, IN 47403

Hampton Inn
2100 North Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47404

Contact Information

Ian Cherteiny, Coach, 614-832-0286,
Alex Gauvin, Coach, 734-649-3571,
Mary Crawford, Team Parent, 734-368-0570,

Team Meeting and First Team Practice

Thursday, March 14, 4pm
Aquatics Center
All divers are encouraged to attend this initial team meeting. Coaches will discuss competition schedule, practice schedule, and diver sign-in for the meet. There will be a team practice following the team meeting.

This is the longest practice time available for the weekend. All divers should attend, if possible. 

Team Dinner

Friday, March 15, 8:15pm
De Angelo’s Italian Restaurant
2620 E Third St
Bloomington, IN

Competition Schedule

All times are estimates. Please check in with coaches and other Legacy families to confirm times for practices, warm-ups, and competition.

There will be open warm-up times each morning and evening. The times are short and will most likely be flighted among the teams. Those times will be confirmed at the general coaches meeting Thursday evening in Bloomington. Our coaches will communicate those times when they are announced.

Please arrive at the pool 45 minutes before any scheduled warm-up, giving plenty of time to change, stretch and be ready to hit the boards when warm-up begins.

Please check-in with the coaches when you arrive at the pool and again before leaving the pool each day.

Friday, March 15

Event 1, 9:30am warm-up, 10:00am start
1-meter, 11 & under girls|
3-meter, 11 & under boys

Event 2, 11:50am warm-up, 12:50pm start
1-meter, 12-13 girls
3-meter, 12-13 boys
platform, 14-15 girls and boys
platform, 16-18 girls and boys

Event 3, 3:20pm warm-up, 4:20pm start
1-meter, 11 & under boys
3-meter, 11 & under girls

Event 4, 5:50pm warm-up, 6:30pm start
3-meter synchro, 14-18 girls
3-meter synchro, 14-18 boys 

Saturday, March 16

Event 5, 8:00am warm-up, 9:00am start
1-meter, 12-13 boys
3-meter, 12-13 girls

Event 6, 10:35am warm-up, 11:35am start
1-meter, 14-15 girls
3-meter, 14-15 boys
platform, 11 & under girls and boys
platform, 12-13 girls and boys

Event 7, 2:45pm warm-up, 3:45pm start
1-meter, 16-18 boys
3-meter, 16-18 girls

Sunday, March 17

Event 8, 8:00am warm-up, 9:00am start
1-meter, 14-15 boys
3-meter, 14-15 girls

Event 9, 11:45am warm-up, 12:45pm start
1-meter 16-18 girls
3-meter, 16-18 boys

Miscellaneous information you may find useful, or you may completly ignore…

For the pool….

  • At the medal / awards ceremony, all Legacy Divers should be in their Legacy warm up.  Do not accept your award in just a speedo! If you don’t have a legacy warm-up – borrow one from your team-mates. 

  • A warm diver is a happy diver! Bring lots of towels and dry Legacy gear for the pooldeck.

  • No one wants to sit around in a wet suit all day! Bring a suit for warm-up and the Legacy suit for competition.

  • Shammies are flying from every board and platform. Be sure yours is labeled. And bring an extra, just in case!

  • Bring healthy snacks and drinks. Maybe a cold pop too, just in case your diver gets a last minutes case of the nerves. Coke has been known to works wonders on a sudden case of stomach butterflies!

  • Bring something for your diver to do on the deck while they wait. Some listen to music or play games on their iGear, while others find a simple coloring book calming. Anything to keep them relaxed.

For the hungry….

  • Breakfast is included at both hotels. Check with the front desk regarding times items will be ready to grab before heading to the pool.

  • Homewoord Suites has fridges and microwaves in the rooms, as well as a stove and dishwasher if you are really anmbitious.

  • A few restaurants and a market for takeout we have tried and liked…

Nick’s English Hut, 423 E. Kirkwood Av, 812-332-4040

Mother Bear’s Pizza, 1428 East Third St, 812-332-4495

Scotty’s Brewhouse, 302 N. Walnut St, 812-333-5151

Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, 316 W. 6th St, 812-333-7312

For the shoppers…

  • The Indiana Shop, 421 East Kirkwood Av, 812-333-1301

This is the place to get Indiana Swimming & Diving t-shirts. Some of the kids collect college diving shirts.

Dryland Gym Renovation

At the conclusion of the 2012 Legacy Diving season, we completely renovated the dryland gym.  It was a time/money consuming process, but we now have a beautiful dryland gym.  With the help of some legacy divers and parents and coaches, as well as some EMU divers we were able to renovate the entire gym.  we were also able to make some much needed repairs to the 1 meter and 3 meter springboard stands.  All said, we put in between 150-180 hours of work over our “vacation”.  I know that this improvement will help our club move to the next level in the diving world.  I hope you like the changes, and remember that this is our diving home, so lets all do our parts to keep it looking nice. -Buck

Before                                                                         After


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New Site Layout!

The website has undergone another overhaul!  New features will include an updated Photo and Video Gallery!  We will also be maintaining a Team Roster including all of our highly accomplished Alumni.  Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks!

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Legacy Diving-Region IV Champions!!!!

Congratulations to all of the Legacy divers that competed at the Region IV Championships held in Oxford, Ohio. For team results, go to For individual results go to I am personally proud of each and every diver that competed. All of the divers showed the class of our team all weekend. In winning the meet, we qualified 11 Legacy EMU, and 2 Legacy Oakland divers to the East National meet in Knoxville, Tennessee the weekend of April 3-5. Good luck to all of the Divers going to Nationals. Congratulations also go out to Larry Albright, the head coach of Legacy Oakland, for his first and second National qualifiers of his career. great job, and keep up the good work. Lets keep working hard, and have some fun along the way!

Remember, He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Training Equipment Part I

In this first addition of “Training Equipment” I want to give you an overview of our facility, our diving specific facility. We have one of the most extensive diving training facility in the country. We have our own dryland training area, just 30 feet from the pool deck. In it we have two trampolines with overhead spotting belts, two dryboards, one with overhead spotting belts. We also have a 30 x 6 Spring floor, and a 30 x 6 Carpeted foam floor. At each station we have a tivo system and tv, as well as a dvd player to watch diving and training dvds. We use spotting banners on the trampolines and dryboards. In the water we have two 1 meter springboards, and two 3 meter springboards on concrete stands. We also have 1, 5, 7.5, and 10 meter platforms with new rough-tex surfacing (July 08). We have a tivo for the water, as well as a bubbler system for 1, 3, and platforms. We have the only facility in the country that has a 1 meter, 3 meter, and 5 meter water belt. In upcoming blogs, I will discuss each piece of equipment in more detail, as well as provide pictures. Good Luck, and remember “Champions may fail, but they never quit”

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Congratulations Legacy Divers

Congratulations to the Legacy Divers that competed in the 2009 Boys High School MISCA meet on February 13th at EMU. John Santieu 1st place, Jordan Long 2nd place, and Kevin Bain 6th place. This event hosts the best high school divers in Michigan. Also, congrats to Jordan Long for his college commitment to Duke University.

We would also like to congratulate Summer Allman and Cheyenne Cousineau for competing at the 2009 World Selection Camp held at Ohio State University. They competed with all of the best divers in the United States. They were competing for spots on the World Championship, the FINA Grand Prix, and the Canada Cup teams. Cheyenne did a great job, and impressed many of the top college coaches with her diving. She was doing three new dives ( 107c, 305b, and 205b) on 3 meter. She was also able to show off her full 10 meter list for the coaches. Summer, in her 4 lists on 3 meter placed 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 2nd respectively, even beating Olympian Christina Loukas. Summer’s performance earned her her first international trip by being selected to compete for the USA at the FINA Grand Prix held May 7-9.

As we get ready for the upcoming Regional meet on March 21-22, we need all the divers making every practice possible. Lets work hard and be ready for a successful meet.


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