Regionals Itinerary

 Spring Regionals 2013
Region 4

Indiana University
Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatics Center
Student Recreational Sports Complex
1601 E. Law Lane
Bloomington, IN

Hotel Information

Homewood Suites
1399 Liberty Dr
Bloomington, IN 47403

Hampton Inn
2100 North Walnut St
Bloomington, IN 47404

Contact Information

Ian Cherteiny, Coach, 614-832-0286,
Alex Gauvin, Coach, 734-649-3571,
Mary Crawford, Team Parent, 734-368-0570,

Team Meeting and First Team Practice

Thursday, March 14, 4pm
Aquatics Center
All divers are encouraged to attend this initial team meeting. Coaches will discuss competition schedule, practice schedule, and diver sign-in for the meet. There will be a team practice following the team meeting.

This is the longest practice time available for the weekend. All divers should attend, if possible. 

Team Dinner

Friday, March 15, 8:15pm
De Angelo’s Italian Restaurant
2620 E Third St
Bloomington, IN

Competition Schedule

All times are estimates. Please check in with coaches and other Legacy families to confirm times for practices, warm-ups, and competition.

There will be open warm-up times each morning and evening. The times are short and will most likely be flighted among the teams. Those times will be confirmed at the general coaches meeting Thursday evening in Bloomington. Our coaches will communicate those times when they are announced.

Please arrive at the pool 45 minutes before any scheduled warm-up, giving plenty of time to change, stretch and be ready to hit the boards when warm-up begins.

Please check-in with the coaches when you arrive at the pool and again before leaving the pool each day.

Friday, March 15

Event 1, 9:30am warm-up, 10:00am start
1-meter, 11 & under girls|
3-meter, 11 & under boys

Event 2, 11:50am warm-up, 12:50pm start
1-meter, 12-13 girls
3-meter, 12-13 boys
platform, 14-15 girls and boys
platform, 16-18 girls and boys

Event 3, 3:20pm warm-up, 4:20pm start
1-meter, 11 & under boys
3-meter, 11 & under girls

Event 4, 5:50pm warm-up, 6:30pm start
3-meter synchro, 14-18 girls
3-meter synchro, 14-18 boys 

Saturday, March 16

Event 5, 8:00am warm-up, 9:00am start
1-meter, 12-13 boys
3-meter, 12-13 girls

Event 6, 10:35am warm-up, 11:35am start
1-meter, 14-15 girls
3-meter, 14-15 boys
platform, 11 & under girls and boys
platform, 12-13 girls and boys

Event 7, 2:45pm warm-up, 3:45pm start
1-meter, 16-18 boys
3-meter, 16-18 girls

Sunday, March 17

Event 8, 8:00am warm-up, 9:00am start
1-meter, 14-15 boys
3-meter, 14-15 girls

Event 9, 11:45am warm-up, 12:45pm start
1-meter 16-18 girls
3-meter, 16-18 boys

Miscellaneous information you may find useful, or you may completly ignore…

For the pool….

  • At the medal / awards ceremony, all Legacy Divers should be in their Legacy warm up.  Do not accept your award in just a speedo! If you don’t have a legacy warm-up – borrow one from your team-mates. 

  • A warm diver is a happy diver! Bring lots of towels and dry Legacy gear for the pooldeck.

  • No one wants to sit around in a wet suit all day! Bring a suit for warm-up and the Legacy suit for competition.

  • Shammies are flying from every board and platform. Be sure yours is labeled. And bring an extra, just in case!

  • Bring healthy snacks and drinks. Maybe a cold pop too, just in case your diver gets a last minutes case of the nerves. Coke has been known to works wonders on a sudden case of stomach butterflies!

  • Bring something for your diver to do on the deck while they wait. Some listen to music or play games on their iGear, while others find a simple coloring book calming. Anything to keep them relaxed.

For the hungry….

  • Breakfast is included at both hotels. Check with the front desk regarding times items will be ready to grab before heading to the pool.

  • Homewoord Suites has fridges and microwaves in the rooms, as well as a stove and dishwasher if you are really anmbitious.

  • A few restaurants and a market for takeout we have tried and liked…

Nick’s English Hut, 423 E. Kirkwood Av, 812-332-4040

Mother Bear’s Pizza, 1428 East Third St, 812-332-4495

Scotty’s Brewhouse, 302 N. Walnut St, 812-333-5151

Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, 316 W. 6th St, 812-333-7312

For the shoppers…

  • The Indiana Shop, 421 East Kirkwood Av, 812-333-1301

This is the place to get Indiana Swimming & Diving t-shirts. Some of the kids collect college diving shirts.

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