Registering with DiveMeets

If your diver hasn’t already obtained a DiveMeets ID #, you will first need to register your diver.  This ID number is different than your USA diving ID, as well as the Michigan Diving Association ID number.  At the front page of, click on “Get a Divemeets ID”.

The user registration information is for the diver, not the parent.  You’ll need to enter in the diver’s information, and select a password.  At the bottom, you’ll check only the USA diving association!                    After clicking “register” at the bottom, you’ll be able to register for an upcoming dive meet.

At the home page of, you’ll click on Login.  Enter in your dive meets ID number, and password.  The user ID number will not change, and will follow the diver throughout their many years of diving.

If you forget your Divemeets ID number, use the “find diver” search function on the home page. By entering in your diver’s last name, the website will locate your diver’s history information.  Click on the diver’s name in the search results.

The Divemeet ID number follows the diver forever, and comes with enough information to make a parent crazy.  Everything coded in blue provides even more details about your diver’s score, and results of the meet.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll start at what they call the “pool deck” to find the meet you are registering for.  BE CAREFUL, if you sign up for the wrong meet, you will not receive a refund.  For 2013 Regional, we are region 4 located in Bloomington, IN.

Below the meet information, you’ll select your diver from the list.  If you have more than one diver, you’ll need to register each one individually.

Drug testing, Waiver, and Consent to photo release can be signed off by the parent.  After checking the boxes, and placing the parent’s name, scroll down to find your event.

Each event your diver qualifies for should be noted with a check box next to the event.  Scroll down, and check each box your diver will compete in before clicking the bottom – “sign up for this meet”.


Check the box for each event your diver plans to compete in

Each age group has their own set of rules, and number of dives required in each event.  A copy of the rules    for each age group is posted on the Legacy news bulletin board.  By clicking on “event rule”, the    requirements for this event are listed.

The dive list for each event (1 meter, 3 meter, and platform) will need to be entered individually.  At any time, you can click on the enter key, and the dive description will appear.  Be CAREFUL to have your diver read the description carefully.  There are opportunities to change the dive @ the meet, but the time frame is limited.  Make sure your diver checks in at the meet, and asks to see the dive sheet recorded.  Most meets will require the diver and coach to “sign off” on the dive sheets. This is a GREAT opportunity to be sure the dive list, and order of each dive is recorded correctly!  Normally, the day prior to the event, the dive sheets are closed, and can’t be changed.

At the bottom of this screen, click on continue, then “submit”.

The official “Coach of Record” should be “Buck Smith”, but you should indicate which coach will attend the meet.  Ian Cherteiny and Alex Gauvin will be going to Spring Regionals this year.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll enter in your credit card information to pay for the meet, and then click on “submit”.  After the registration deadline, there is a hefty $100.00 late fee.

After you register, go back to the home page, and locate your diver.  Under the Divemeet history of your diver, be sure you can see the 2013 Spring Regional meet listed.

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