Training Equipment Part I

In this first addition of “Training Equipment” I want to give you an overview of our facility, our diving specific facility. We have one of the most extensive diving training facility in the country. We have our own dryland training area, just 30 feet from the pool deck. In it we have two trampolines with overhead spotting belts, two dryboards, one with overhead spotting belts. We also have a 30 x 6 Spring floor, and a 30 x 6 Carpeted foam floor. At each station we have a tivo system and tv, as well as a dvd player to watch diving and training dvds. We use spotting banners on the trampolines and dryboards. In the water we have two 1 meter springboards, and two 3 meter springboards on concrete stands. We also have 1, 5, 7.5, and 10 meter platforms with new rough-tex surfacing (July 08). We have a tivo for the water, as well as a bubbler system for 1, 3, and platforms. We have the only facility in the country that has a 1 meter, 3 meter, and 5 meter water belt. In upcoming blogs, I will discuss each piece of equipment in more detail, as well as provide pictures. Good Luck, and remember “Champions may fail, but they never quit”

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